Monday, January 29, 2007

hoodoo woods

Some nearly-finished layouts from the upcoming film.

I've spent some time reworking the art direction and going way back to the simplistic, funky design that I love, through the help of some inspiration from Amid's wonderful Cartoon Modern and more specifically, the work of one Walt Peregoy.

To aid in the process of making this film (which is, to those who haven't done it, a lot of work!), I've spent some time planning and have developed a library of my designs that is constantly growing. I use these libraries of trees and plants and whatnot to go through a "digital cut and paste" process of building my layouts from scratch, mixing in elements of my forest and traditional digital painting as well along the way.

I'd show you the process more specifically if I actually had one, but I usually just confuse the hell out of myself while I'm doing it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

bear, interrupted

The Cruel Fauna star makes a cameo. Relieving himself in an outhouse. Reading the business section.

Acrylic on Canvas

Hope everyone had a good Festivus. Sorry for the lack of updates recently - holdiays tend to cause this. Thanks for the comments! I will periodically show some updates from the film, but for the most part the rest of the process will remain quiet until it's finished. Instead, expect to see many random images as I frantically paint until my spleen bursts on my quest to create the portfolio before graduation this spring.