Wednesday, January 25, 2006

the winner

After seeing some incredible Vic Haboush images over at the cartoon modern blog , I got so damn inspired I had to do a classy lounge image of my own. I love art from the mid 20th century.

Thanks again for the recent comments! I'd reply individually but this is much easier!


Blogger Stef said...

well, your work is simply superb!

1/26/2006 6:47 a.m.  
Blogger Kristian Antonelli said...

beautiful use of alluring

1/26/2006 9:29 a.m.  
Blogger RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Congratulations on getting mentioned on the Brew!
Everything on this site is Brilliant!!!
My personal faves: Screwbot, Wayne, and The cowboy painting.
You are gifted!!

1/26/2006 9:53 a.m.  
Blogger jastolfo said...

Absolutely lovely work. I will be back often.

1/26/2006 11:19 a.m.  
Blogger Gene Fowler said...

Hey Dude,

You should quit and come work on some fun with Fatkat.


1/26/2006 11:57 a.m.  
Blogger Justin Ridge said...

Your art is great! So much fun to look at!

1/26/2006 1:18 p.m.  
Blogger Frank M Hansen said...

beautiful stuff. Really fantastic.

1/26/2006 2:47 p.m.  
Blogger Andrew Ross said...

very nice... great composition and colour.

1/26/2006 5:17 p.m.  
Blogger mang said...

very very good drawings... I´d just discovered your nice blog!


1/27/2006 3:23 a.m.  
Blogger Emily How said...

beautiful work, and great blog!

1/27/2006 4:39 p.m.  
Blogger Thorsten Hasenkamm said...

Great, reminds me of a Vic Haboush-piece...

1/27/2006 5:52 p.m.  
Blogger -Kyle- said... to see that the program at sheridan hasn't sucked the life from you guys...amazing stuff....i llook forward to your film....make sure you FINISH IT!

1/27/2006 9:50 p.m.  
Blogger dany boom said...

really really reaally lovely. i was inspired by those paintings too, definitely, and im very impressed that you captured the essense of them.

great work with light effects, too. very cool stuff.


1/28/2006 2:44 p.m.  
Blogger martin wittig said...

Beautiful work! Excellent color and design

1/28/2006 2:59 p.m.  
Blogger Alina Chau said...

your works are beautiful!

1/29/2006 1:19 a.m.  
Anonymous brittney said...

bj, your art is so inspiring!

i love love love LOVE this one, especially.

1/29/2006 11:49 a.m.  
Blogger Ward Jenkins said...

Excellent job on this Brandon. Those Vic Haboush images that Amid posted were indeed amazing, weren't they? Makes me want to do something inspired by them as well....

2/13/2006 8:32 a.m.  
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